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Benefit Offerings

After the benefit program is designed and the appropriate vendors selected, The Benefit Consulting Group remains engaged with clients through implementation & communication management, plan performance analysis, issue resolution and the renewal process.

> TBCG provides our clients with a complete strategic employee benefit plan.

> We schedule quarterly meetings with each client to ensure that we are involved with all the client’s needs and changes that they are experiencing.

> Mid-year we will discuss our benefit strategy for the next year, as well as the upcoming years.

> Once we have a plan for the next year’s strategy, we begin the process to implement that strategy.

> TBCG provides our clients with Strategic Benchmarking.

> With our vast array of employers from different industries we can use our current client database to help Benchmark your Industry.

> TBCG has teamed up with Strategic Partners to be able to provide regional and national data. (Kaiser Family, Mercer, ADP, SHRM, Insperity and Mineral)

> We have found that many clients are put in a situation of REACTING to their renewal as opposed to RESPONDING.

> TBCG makes sure that we allow adequate time to enable our clients to be in a position to RESPOND to the carrier’s renewal.

> The result of a having quarterly meetings with each client ensures that they have appropriate time to review and prepare for the renewal.

> Depending on the size of the client, most renewals are released 60 days prior to the renewal date. TBCG will market each product once the renewal is received.

> We work with each client in order to reach a decision 30 days prior to the implementation of the renewal. The benefit of doing so would be to use the remaining 30 days to ensure enrollment is completed timely.

> TBCG offers full-service enrollment meetings along with communication documents for each client. Depending on the size and location of the employer, we customize the open enrollment program to fit the needs of client.

> Each new hire will be given a complete benefit decision guide booklet along with enrollment documents (Online Enrollment).

> Depending on the size of the client, or the specific needs of the client, we can offer paper or online enrollment(Benefits Connect/Beacon/FormFire/SmartBen/Ease). In many circumstances we can offer an enrollment system that would include all
employee benefits such as; Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, STD, LTD, Voluntary Benefits and/or 401K elections.

> Each enrollment meeting will have a TBCG consultant present to explain each and every plan that is offered by the client.

> TBCG offers complete Bill Reconciliation for all clients.

> Bill Reconciliation allows TBCG to receive all carrier bills before they are delivered to the client. We review the bill for any possible errors to assure the client then receives the most accurate bill possible.

> We have found that the majority of billing issues that clients struggle with are eliminated in this process.

> Clients with numerous enrollment changes during the year greatly benefit from this service.

Benefit Brokerage 

The Benefit Consulting Group provides truly independent and comprehensive brokerage services annually to each client.  The underwriting perspective of our staff ensures that marketing efforts produce the best possible results every year.d stable programs that employees value.

COBRA/HIPAA/5500’s/PPACA/Mineral (ThinkHR)

> TBCG offers complete COBRA administration for each of our clients at no charge to the client.

> For clients with numerous employment changes, this service is very important to ensure that all members who experience loss of coverage are notified timely of their options.

> Our Compliance Department not only administers COBRA, but they also assist employers with HIPAA regulations in regard to employees.

> TBCG assists our clients with their annual filings not limited to 5500’s.

> A division of our Compliance Department is completely responsible for updating clients of PPACA requirements.

> TBCG has teamed with Mineral to offer a full integrated suite of HR knowledge, compliance tools and training solutions supported by Live HR Experts.


> TBCG offers our internal call center, BENEHELP, to each client at no charge.

> BENEHELP is a customer service team that is staffed in each of our locations and is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. All employees have the options to contact BENEHELP via telephone or email.

> In each enrollment meeting, we encourage the employees to contact BENEHELP directly for all customer service issues versus contacting their employer or the carriers.

> BENEHELP maintains complete records of every contact from an employee and provides a monthly or quarterly report to each client to notify them of customer service issues that have transpired through BENEHELP.


> TBCG understands the importance of an overall healthy workforce for any employer.

> TBCG partners with many different Wellness providers to ensure all group sizes a successful solution in regard to Wellness.

> TBCG strives to make the Wellness experience for employees enjoyable and results driven ensuring the employer of the maximum return on money.

> Health Assessments/Biometric Screenings/Healthy Classes/One on One Coaching.


> TBCG understands the overall needs of our clients. We have alliances to provide all Employer and Employee Benefit Needs.

> Abacus Advisors helps our clients with Bookkeeping, Payroll and HR Administration. Allowing clients to focus more on their true business.

> Full Circle is our strategic partner for our clients Worker’s Compensation, General Liability and over all Employer Risk. Full Circle is unique much like TBCG, they are privately held and work solely for the client with only the client’s interest at heart.

> ARGI is our strategic partner for our clients’ financial needs. ARGI helps create financial wellness to better engage, sustain and cultivate your employee capital.

> TBCG also partners with Staff Source Employment for our clients needs when it comes to Payroll and PEO (Professional Employment Organizations) services.

Industries We Service

The Benefit Consulting Group works with both non-profit and for profit employers across the country in industries including: