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Founded in 1982, The Benefit Consulting Group is a privately held Health and Welfare Employee Benefits Consulting and Advocacy firm.

Strategic Employee Benefits Consulting

You have a long-term business strategy to grow your organization; you should have one to manage your employee benefits costs too.

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Developing Customized and Proactive Benefit Strategies

We don’t just consult your team on setting up the best plan for them, we provide peace of mind. The Benefit Consulting Group is one of the largest independently owned consulting firms in the Southeast.

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We specialize in developing employee benefits programs that meet your needs; and our services do not stop after implementing your program. You can count on us to continue to monitor and analyze your benefits program and make recommendations to keep you current, competitive, cost-effective and in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

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BeneHelp’s toll-free help line is a value-added support service provided to clients of The Benefit Consulting Group. The service provides your members with a centralized solution for all of their general benefit and claims questions as their personal benefit advocates.